Plogsties GmbH liefert Press-, Dreh- und Stanzteile
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Our product range comprises of all types of press components, turned components, and stamped components. With high precision certified quality. We specialise in the production of both individual requirements to mass-volume production of engineering drawings, with sub-assembly specification. Of: screws, nuts, hexagon bolts, pins. axles, rivets and washers. With prototype technical release procedures according to Firmensitz der Plogsties GmbHVDA & PPAP. We supply all materials, surface coating, electro-plating, and heat treatments. Implementing additional DIN testing with gage feasibility certification. We deliver worldwide in licence with MAThread™ special screws. As a world wide supplier with more than twenty years expanding experience we have reliably served the following industries. Auto, ship, and aircraft, fork lift trucks, escalators and lift manufacturing. With continuing focus to electronic and machine manufacturing development.